Heinlein Society Announces New Scholarship

Heinlein Society logoThe Heinlein Society will begin awarding the newly-created Virginia Gerstenfeld Heinlein Scholarship with the 2016-2017 academic year.

The scholarship, endowed by a multi-year donation from an anonymous source, will be available to women undergraduates majoring in STEM (scientific—physical or biological, technical, engineering, mathematics) subjects. The candidates must attend an accredited college or university in any English-speaking country.

The donor is also providing funds to augment a pair of existing scholarships granted by the Society each year to qualified STEM (and SF as literature) major candidates.

All three scholarships will be for $1,000 beginning in 2016.

The donor told THS President Keith Kato that she/he only recently became aware of Mrs. Heinlein’s own formidable scientific background (a PhD candidate in biochemistry at UCLA before she married Robert Heinlein) and found it compelling enough to make the donation.

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8 thoughts on “Heinlein Society Announces New Scholarship

  1. Seems like those earning the scholarship actually have to *earn* it.

    So, no free lunch here.

  2. That’s very generous, and an excellent idea to both create a new one and assist with the pre-existing ones.

  3. May I be the first to note That really do I expect the Puppies, no which sort, will figure a way to complain about these female only awards?

    I on the other paw applaud the Society for doing this!

  4. It’s box-checking SJW affirmative action but it has “Heinlein” on the label. They won’t know what to think (until one of the Overpups tells them what to think.)

    I’m applauding with both paws.

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