Help Pick the 34th Annual Asimov’s Readers’ Awards

Voting is open in the 34th Annual Asimov’s Readers’ Award Ballot. The online ballot is at the link. The deadline to vote is February 1, 2020.

From short stories and novellas to novelettes and poems – and even best covers! – let us know your Asimov’s favorites this year.  Winners join the pantheon of Asimov authors who represent the Who’s Who of science fiction writers over the past thirty years.






[Via Locus Online.]

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2 thoughts on “Help Pick the 34th Annual Asimov’s Readers’ Awards

  1. Here’s the list as text rather than images in case anyone’s using any screen reading assistance:

    How Sere Looked for a Pair of Boots—Alexander Jablokov
    The Esteemed—Robert Reed
    Instantiation—Greg Egan
    The Lost Testament—Allen M. Steele
    Gremlin—Carrie Vaughn
    The Work of Wolves—Tegan Moore
    Waterlines—Suzanne Palmer
    Winter Wheat—Gord Sellar
    Surfers at the End of Time—Rudy Rucker and Marc Laidlaw
    Escape from Sanctuary—Allen M. Steele
    No selection

    Ventiforms—Sean Monaghan
    Taking Icarus Home—Suzanne Palmer
    How I Found Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers—Lawrence Watt-Evans
    Transport—Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Unfinished Business—Bill Johnson
    The Memory Artist—Ian R. MacLeod
    Recrossing Brooklyn Ferry—John Richard Trtek
    The Terminal Zone—Nick Wolven
    Story with Two Names—Ian McHugh
    The Ocean Between the Leaves—Ray Nayler
    The Disappeared—Leah Cypess
    In the Stillness Between the Stars—Mercurio D. Rivera
    Charlie Tells Another One—Andy Duncan
    Messages—Sandra McDonald
    Escaping Amnthra—Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Then, When—Eric Del Carlo
    The Albatwitch Chorus—Stephanie Feldman
    The Airwalker Comes to the City in Green—Siobhan Carroll
    The Disintegration Loops—Ray Nayler
    Commander Amanda—R. Garcia y Robertson
    Selfless—James Patrick Kelly
    The River of Blood and Wine—Kali Wallace
    SeeApp—James Van Pelt
    No selection

    Credit to My Nation—Sandra McDonald
    Written in Mud—William F. Wu
    All the Difference—Leah Cypess
    The Gorgon—Jay O’Connell
    Salting the Mine—Peter Wood
    Neom—Lavie Tidhar
    The Peacemaker—Gardner Dozois
    Tourists—Rammel Chan
    Eighteen Songs by Debussy—Michael Swanwick
    Terrible Trudy on the Lam—Eileen Gunn
    January March—Tom Purdom
    The Starry Sky over the Southern Isle—Zhao Haihong
    Isla Tiburón—Alex Irvine
    The Lights Go Out, One by One—Kofi Nyameye
    Mr. Death Goes to the Beach—Jack Dann
    The Doing and Undoing of Jacob E. Mwangi—E. Lily Yu
    Sacrificial Iron—Ted Kosmatka
    Never the Twain Shall Meet—Peter Wood
    Chasing Oumuamua—Sean Monaghan
    Not Only Who You Know—Jay O’Connell
    The Intertidal Zone—Rahul Kanakia
    The Universe Within the Universe—Dominica Phetteplace
    Ardy’s Choice—Maggie Shen King
    Fragments from the Library of Cygnus X-1—Chris Willrich
    Speaker to Emos—Harry Turtledove
    All in Green Went My Love Riding—Megan Arkenberg
    Personal Space—Lawrence Watt-Evans
    When We Saved the World—James Sallis
    Can You Watch My Stuff—Rich Larson
    At the Old Wooden Synagogue on Janower Street—Michael Libling
    Christmas Truce—Harry Turtledove
    Cloud—Michael Swanwick
    Inside the Body of Relatives—Octavia Cade
    Quantum Theory—James Gunn
    No selection

    The Moral of the Double Slit Experiment—Michael Meyerhoffer
    Your Clone Meets a Dopplegänger—Robert Frazier
    Eclipse 2017—Robert Borski
    A Street Away—Jane Yolen
    Inhale, Exhale—Robert Frazier
    The Dogs of the Soviet Space Program—Christopher Cokinos
    When Words Take Flight—Bruce Boston
    Garbage—Marge Simon
    Robot Dreams—Jane Yolen
    Failing Masterpiece—Bruce Boston
    Mother’s Day—James Sallis
    Crane Wife—Jane Yolen
    Distracted While Gardening—G.O. Clark
    Terra Incognita—Fred D. White
    The Other SETI—David Barber
    Timeless Graffiti—Peter Payack
    Quantum String—Jenny Blackford
    All the Good Things that I Know—Robert Frazier
    Tell Me What the Stars Sing—Leslie J. Anderson
    The Ruined Library—Bruce Boston
    Creation Dark Matter Dating App—Sandra Lindow
    Scary Starry Night—Peter Payack
    All the Weight—Holly Day
    Surfing at Night—Peter Payack
    Brambles—Jane Yolen
    The Celestial Body—Leslie J. Anderson
    Nine Hypotheses Concerning a Mysterious Lump Under the Rug on the Foyer Floor—Jenny Blackford
    E.A. Poe’s Electro-mechanical Raven—Kendall Evans
    Do Not Despair—Peter Payack
    How to Curve Spacetime—Mary Soon Lee
    Billets-Doux—Brittany Hause
    Not for Sale—Mary Soon Lee
    No selection

    January/February—Michael Whelan
    March/April—Eldar Zakirov
    July/August—Maurizio Manzieri
    September/October—Dominic Harman
    November/December—Donato Giancola
    No selection

  2. Without question, I thought Waterlines, The Work of Wolves, and Gremlin are the best novellas from Asimov’s in the last year. They’re all on my Hugo Novella shortlist.

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