Here Is Your Chance To Own a Piece of Literary History

By John King Tarpinian: A few months back File770 posted a piece about a charity auction for Con-or-Bust, an organization that strives to help people who otherwise might not be able to attend SFF conventions. Since Forry Ackerman helped Ray Bradbury attend his first convention I thought that Ray would appreciate posthumously paying-it-forward. To that end I have donated a brick taken from the outer wall of Ray’s study, where he wrote his last stories and held court in his final years.

Please take a look at the auction, be it for the Bradbury Brick or other items of interest. The auction closes Sunday, June 5, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern.

As a reminder, the 451 pairs of bookends made from Ray’s home sold out in less than 3 days.

Bradbury Brick

Bradbury Brick

3 thoughts on “Here Is Your Chance To Own a Piece of Literary History

  1. In the giveaway pile at my recent con, I’m pretty sure I picked up Forry’s program book for the 1955 Worldcon. Might not be his, but it’s definitely from that one. I tucked it on the shelf next to my 2012 program book; my, how much they’ve grown!

    John, this is a great donation.

  2. To anyone uncertain whether they should bid on this, GO INDULGE YOURSELF, because after all…

    …You deserve a brick todaaaay…

    Oh, and there’s also some Farscape stuff in that auction: an autographed script of your choice along with an Actual Slice of Moya.

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