Hertz: Byers Will WOOF

By John Hertz: I’m happy to say Randy Byers will be Official Editor of WOOF for Renovation (2011 Worldcon).  

WOOF, the World Organization Of Faneditors, is an apa (Amateur Press Ass’n) collated annually  — yes — another product of Bruce Pelz’ imagination — at the Worldcon. I believe, without looking, this year’s will be WOOF 36. The 2010 OE was Alan Stewart. The 2009 OE was Lloyd Penney.  

Byers is one of the triumvirs who publish Chunga, was the 2003 TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) delegate, and is a fine fellow.  

Collation will be at noon in the Fanzine Lounge on Saturday — not Sunday, Monday isn’t a holiday in this year’s Worldcon weekend.

9 thoughts on “Hertz: Byers Will WOOF

  1. I’m quite certain that nice Mr. Byers will do an excellent job.

    If Bruce Pelz were still alive I’d bet real money that he would step in at this point and yet once again confirm his belief that WOOF was the worst idea he’d ever had. I can envision him shaking his head and looking downward while he repeats that.

  2. I gotta second that… though some people seem to enjoy WOOF and there seems no harm in it. It’s just that it seems to attract the sort of person who was compelled to contribute every week to every mailing of Apa-L for as long as it lasted. Not so much the present day Walt Willises and Bob Tuckers.

  3. I’ve never understood the point of WOOF. I’ve seen 3 or 4 mailings and each one was largely composed of hastily written ‘gotta make minac’ type contributions. The rules governing it seem designed to ensure WOOF highlights the worst aspects of apas rather than the best. Compared to the practise of assembling combozines back in the forties and fifties WOOF is simply embarrassing.

  4. @Taral: There are present-day Willises and Tuckers? Point me in their direction!

  5. “The Worst Idea Bruce Pelz Ever Had” sounds like a great motto. Maybe it should go on the cover?

  6. @R&yXers: Mike is right that this is an inspired idea. Bill Bowers would have had a teeshirt made, but in this instance a motto on the cover of WOOF sounds perfect to me. Go ahead, kiss the back of your hand.

  7. Randy and I have been chatting via Facebook all day…I relayed my own experiences and observations, plus some recommendations. I tthink this issue will be a good one. Now I’ve got to get a zine done…

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