Hertz: C. Ross Chamberlain Wins 2012 Rotsler Award

By John Hertz: C. Ross Chamberlain of Las Vegas has won the 2012 Rotsler Award, given for long-time artistic achievement in amateur publications of the science fiction community. Established in 1998, the award carries an honorarium of US$300.

Chamberlain is an adept humorist known for graceful line and eye-catching composition.

As a good artist he makes use of available technology. In the days of mimeography he was masterly with stylus and shading plate. Now he works marvels with Photoshop.

The Rotsler Award is sponsored by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, a non-profit corporation, which in 2006 hosted the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention. The award is named for the late Bill Rotsler, a talented and prolific artist over many years. Claire Brialey, Mike Glyer, and John Hertz are the current judges.

The award was announced on Saturday, November 24, 2012, at Loscon, the annual Los Angeles SF convention. This year’s convention was Loscon 39.

For more about the Rotsler Award, visit www.scifiinc.org/rotsler/.

3 thoughts on “Hertz: C. Ross Chamberlain Wins 2012 Rotsler Award

  1. Fantastic choice, Ross has been creating amazing work for years! Went to check out his website, not been there in a while, and see that it is in a new “under construction” phase. Hoping he gets things back up there, so we’ll have a place to point folks to to see more of his art. http://rossworx.net/

  2. The list of potential winners relentlessly shrinks. I don’t know what we’re going to do in five or six years time…

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