Hertz: Cave Canem

By John Hertz: Fans of our Publius and fans of WOOF might like to see what he almost got into No. 37 at Chicon VII, reprinted by permission from Always Going Home 10:

I started a contribution for the World Order Of Faneditors collation, but proved unable to finish it in the time available. Herewith is presented the opening paragraph, in Latin as seemed fitting. I am not satisfied with the quality of the language, but it should be clear enough, I think.

Vero felix est congredere septimo in hanc Chicago, urbem alabastron carminae. Felix est autem amor philosofabularum atque amicitia communa, quia annuale a partibus remotis mundi conveniamus. Nonne est hoc congressum nostrum rei publicae litterarum pars plusquam benedicta? Et quis plus benedictus quam nos amateditores, cordes & venae illius corresponsus quae circulatio sanguis huius corporis est? Quapropter, donec rationem melioram habeamus, gaudiamus & iubiliamus.

It may be seen that I forebore to decline “Chicago”. I thought to render “World Science Fiction Convention” by Congressum Universale Philosofabularium, & “World Order Of Faneditors” by Ordo Amateditorium Mundi, which I hope will prove at least not terribly displeasing. For aught I know, there may be standard equivalents, as I suspect there are in Esperanto, given the well-known association of that language with fandom.

At the moment that’s the extent of my permission, though I believe I may say you can get “The Airship, a Summary for Writers” (12 pp. including glossary & a note on “lifting gas”), adapted from the standing-room-only panel he moderated “Airships, the Reality” with Howard Davidson, Lisa Hayes, David Malki, Joseph P. Martino – in case you were attending the Nielsen Haydens’ Kaffeeklatsch, or the Murray Leinster panel, or “The Secret History of Science Fiction”, or Mary Robinette Kowal’s reading, or “Fans and Academics” with Betty Hull, or my Art Show tour – it was a Worldcon, right? – from him at P.O. Box 1035, Fort Worth, TX 76101 U.S.A., or [email protected].