Hertz: DUFF and TAFF Well Begun

By John Hertz: Intelligence (if that term may be used) reports that DUFF delegate Dave Cake has arrived from Australia, and TAFF delegate John Coxon from Britain.
Their paths met in Seattle, where they are in the hands of Randy Byers, Ulrika O’Brien, and similarly fannish folk.
Cake (who is mine) did not bring his theremin.  After the Worldcon he hopes to attend Armadillocon in Austin.
Coxon (who is Anne & Brian Gray’s) is a cricket fan.  Otherwise he is said to resemble Chris Garcia.  I don’t yet know if they went to see a local match as suggested by O’Brien.
As I was working out the code groups there seemed to be something about Coxon walking off with Cake’s fez so as to have two, but I may have misread this for “copies of All Our Yesterdays” or “microbrews”.
Not sure how long I can keep transmitting from this station.  The derg is warning me not to lesnerize.

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  1. @Colin: Startling, isn’t it? But not in the least difficult. John has been writing on a computer for years. So all he has to do is give a copy of his digital text to someone like me who knows how to turn it into the special smoke that makes up the blogosphere, and waft his contribution online.

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