Hertz on DUFF: Wright at Home

By John Hertz: Bill Wright the 2013 Down Under Fan Fund delegate has arrived safely home at St. Kilda West, Victoria, Australia, after visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, New Orleans, Seattle, Minneapolis & St. Paul, and Boston. Many thanks to his hosts and helpers.

Aptly St. Kilda is also home to Luna Park, entered through the grinning face of the Moon, with the oldest continuously operated roller-coaster in the world, and one of the few carousels outside the U.S. built by the fine Philadelphia Toboggan Co. This may have prepared him.

Bill duly attended the 71st World Science Fiction Convention, saw both the LASFS (Los Angeles S-F Soc.) and NESFA (New England S-F Ass’n) clubhouses, and was treated, if not royally since USans don’t do that, enthusiastically and well. Alas, a stop in Canada could not be managed, but luckily there were Canadians at the Worldcon, not least long-time DUFF activist Murray Moore.

Jacq Monahan the North America TAFF Administrator and I contrived to get 2013 TAFF delegate Jim Mowatt on the Wright path several times. Ecumenical, we are.

Various reports of Wright view, Wright aspiration, Wright speech, Wright action, Wright livelihood, Wright effort, Wright mindfulness, Wright concentration have been appearing in Electronicland.

He is now the Australia – New Zealand DUFF Administrator, succeeding Dave Cake. Whether or not this shift from Perth to Melbourne rocks the continent, Bill may be reached electronically at <bilw@iprimus.com.au> (or, if he happens to be traveling, <bilwmahail@gmail.com>); or write to me, 236 S. Coronado St., No. 409, Los Angeles, CA 90057, U.S.A., for his real-mail address.

In 2013 both funds sent delegates to, and in 2014 both will send delegates from, North America. While TAFFy people think of London, where a delegate will attend the 72nd Worldcon (remind me or Bridget Bradshaw to tell you about the Great Trans-Atlantic Toffee Tasting), my mind is running to Down Under national conventions.

The 53rd Australia natcon will be Continuum X, 6-9 June, Melbourne. The 35th New Zealand natcon will be Conclave II, 24-27 April, Auckland. Will there be candidates for both? In any event, Bill and I plan to open nominations on November 1st. We’re looking for a few good fen.