Hertz on WOOF: Purcell Says I May Tell

By John Hertz: John Purcell, host of the Fanzine Lounge at the 2013 Worldcon, has confirmed he will also serve this year as Official Editor of WOOF.

WOOF, the World Organization of Faneditors, is an amateur publishing association whose contributions are collected, and whose distributions are issued, at and from (but not by or for) the World Science Fiction Convention.

An apa is an assemblage of fanzines. Most apas are quarterly or monthly. WOOF is yearly, and in fact I’m in one that’s weekly, both very much the produce of Bruce Pelz, who as Suford Lewis said had a fruitful imagination.

This year’s Worldcon will be LoneStarCon III (or 3 if you were writing this note), 29 Aug – 2 Sep, San Antonio. Did you attend LoneStarCon II? I did, and I remember the Alamo. What was LoneStarCon I, you ask? As Rudyard Kipling said, that’s another story.

This year’s WOOF will (I think) be No. 38. In honor of the 71st Worldcon, submit 71 copies of your contribution. We want plenty to hand round. Must you bring, or send via an agent, physical copies? That helps. Printing on-site can be a logjam. How many pages?  Be reasonable — no, we’re fans.

The English musician’s name, as Gerard Manley Hopkins said, rhymes with “reversal”. Our OE is from an Irish branch that rhymes its last name just like ringing a bell. He’ll be good. Write to him at <[email protected]>, or get his real-mail address by phoning me at (213)384-6622 (that’s Pacific Time). I hope we’ll have no occasion to call “John 54, where are you?” Maybe I don’t hope it.