How Long Does It Take an SF Award to Reach Its Recipients?

By Jonathan Cowie: A recent possible record could be the SF2 Concatenation’s website 2012 Eurocon Award voted on by those at the European SF Society’s convention which, that year, was held in Croatia. None of SF2 Concatenation crew were at that convention and so Martin Hoare kindly collected it. It was due to be handed on at the following Eastercon with, if that failed, a stop-gap handover at the Loncon 3 Worldcon. Alas, on both occasions Martin forgot. Then, sadly, Martin passed away.

Dave (Ansible) Langford managed to find it and so plans were made for a pick-up in Reading, Berkshire, en route to a NIRD dinner (National Institute for Research into Dairying and not a geek gathering).  But the gods were conspiring, and a global pandemic put matters on hold. 

With the easing of CoVID-19 restrictions, diaries were consulted, the upshot of which was that a handover was made last month. And, as a visit to Northumberland Heath (SE London), Kent, was coming up, and as the Heath was where SF2 Concatenation began back in 1987, the award had an unpacking at the local SF group’s monthly meet on October 14. (Note the beautifully balanced blend of books and beer on the table.)

The unpacking 2022 at North Heath SF.

6 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take an SF Award to Reach Its Recipients?

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  2. I think some of the Dramatic Presentation Hugo Awards were finally delivered to their intended winners—representatives of whom were usually not in attendance at the Hugo Awards—years later.

  3. DId anybody notify Guiness? 🙂
    I’m glad to hear all awards are finally delivered!

    Just a small correction. Eurocon 2012 was Kontakt, held in Zagreb, Croatia

    Text on the award is written in glagolitic script, one of the scripts used in Croatia through its history up to century.

  4. It was a huge relief to get this delivered at last. Martin accepted an identical award for the SF Encyclopedia at the same convention, and for a couple of years after retrieving the SF² Concatenation trophy from his house I had both of them on the mantelpiece.

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