Hugo Award News from MidAmeriCon II

The nomination period for the 2016 Hugo Awards and the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards will end tomorrow, March 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -0700).

MidAmeriCon II tweeted that the nominees will be announced and the ballot published on April 26. Voting will open May 15 and close July 31. The winners will be revealed at the Hugo Awards Ceremony on August 20.

The Hugo voting site had a service outage for awhile but is now back online:

16 thoughts on “Hugo Award News from MidAmeriCon II

  1. It may be down again (I was unable to save my retro balloting and I am currently unable to sign in). Also, does MidAmericon2 send announcements out other than on twitter (since I’ve chosen to avoid that rabbit hole).

  2. You don’t need a Twitter log-in to see what a Twitter user posts.
    It’s much more accessible than FB (it is quite common for me to follow a link to FB on my phone, and not be able to access it, for instance).

    In this case,

  3. When I was finally able to log back in, I saw that it filled up my ballot by putting one of my selections in each and every space of the category. I was able to delete the repetitions and it looks like it has been saved.

  4. They’ve never sent me email confirmations — I’ve been updating bits and pieces of my ballot since I got my PIN — but I am assuming all is well, anyway. After the outage, my ballot was still there, so I figure that’s a good sign.

  5. Everybody please check the correctness of your ballot! When I last checked, a couple of my items had disappeared.

  6. Mine looks okay. They were very slow with the confirming emails for a while – I was getting them a couple days late. But I think it’s good now.

  7. The last few times I changed things, I never got a confirmation. Before that, it was sometimes delayed and they’d bunch up, or I’d get them immediately. My list looks okay right now, so I’m not doing a save right now – don’t want to touch it! 😉

  8. Really not happy that recent Worlcons only use social media services for updates.
    Worldcon 75 is the same, webpage sports an easy to subscribe to RSS feed but updates are only on the terrible to read facebook page which doesn’t have a feed so one has to remember to go there and check if anything important happened.

  9. ::stares at blank fan/pro artist ballot::

    ::stares at shortlist of about 25 names::

    Oh gods.

  10. I didn’t get any email confirmations, but they replied to say that as long as my nominations were there when I logged in, there was no problem

  11. @snowcrash: LOL. Your own shortlist? Eek. I know it was tough for me to figure it out. If I may suggest, start with people who don’t appear to have won before; maybe add some people who haven’t been nominated, or only rarely nominated.

    Or just roll a 25-sided die! 😀

    I didn’t keep enough time budgeted for fan artist, so I’ve just nominated a couple of people. 🙁

  12. Many kudos to Doctor Science for the awesome Hugo Eligible Art page. I’ve filled out my ballot with links back to the page for examples. I’d never have managed without it. (I’ve never managed to nominate more than one or two artists, total across both categories, before. This time I have ten, eight of which are on her page!)

    Thanks again!

  13. Gahh, its done — my ballot is woefully incomplete but reading time was difficult to get this year.

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