Hugo Nominated Fauxzines

While paging through the Hugo Voter Packet a friend of mine discovered that the four blogs up for Best Fanzine are represented by samples made to look like real magazines, with selections from their entire year’s work and new introductory material.

This annoyed my friend, who is one of the old guard with strong opinions about the difference between fanzines and blogs, and what belongs in the Best Fanzine category.

I, on the other hand, was highly amused. Just as people determined to overcome L’Académie française’s rejection of foreign vernacular like “hot dog” speak about finishing the good work begun by Henry V, I thought it was beyond wonderful to see Aidan Moher forced to present A Dribble of Ink to Hugo voters in a nicely formatted little PDF file.

That would be the same Aidan Moher who tweeted these gloating remarks after the Hugo nominations were announced in April.

Not at all. I can only applaud when someone turns away from the dark side. Congratulations on your first fanzine, Aidan!

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