Hugo Nominee Announcement Scheduled for April 2

Dublin 2019 will announce the 2019 Hugo and 1944 Retro Hugo nominees at 1400 Irish Time on April 2 (6 a.m. Pacific) over their YouTube channel.

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20 thoughts on “Hugo Nominee Announcement Scheduled for April 2

  1. Yaaaaaaay

    (I have several favorites for short fiction; I have no read a single novel probably; I am seriously excited for the finalist list!)

  2. After a few years of either successive series installments or “not quite there” entries from established authors, I’m hopeful we will see something new and refreshing.

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. – Richard Grenier

  3. Yay! When they said they’d announce in early April they weren’t messing around, were they?

  4. (refresh, refresh, refresh) Er, don’t mind me. . . . 😉

    I’m usually asleep at this hour but #1 I got to bed early and #2 I slept horribly anyway and gave up 1.5 hours ago. So, why not watch it live?

  5. I’m resisting the urge to fast forward the video, they’ve gone to some lengths to show us various bits of Dublin!

  6. Well, damn. It’s a good thing I took my last library book back yesterday, as now I have to start reserving more!

    I’m surprised (and relieved) at how much of this stuff I’ve already read, though. And I’ve seen all of the BDP, Long Form noms.

  7. ….aaaannd we have crashed the Dublin 2019 website. Yay us!

    In a room full of ducks, sometimes the one that woofs is needed to point out the quacks.

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