HWA Sends Members Email Scam Alert

The Horror Writers Association today published a “Warning: Email Scam Alert”:

The HWA is aware members are being sent unsolicited emails from a company claiming they’ve selected people for a medical writing interview, or some variant. Of course, these did not originate and have not been okayed by the HWA. DO NOT REPLY!

Other writing organizations are also reporting their memberships have been targeted.

Sit tight, don’t reply, and our web team are looking into this now. We will make any further statements necessary as we discover more

Dozens of HWA members have reported receiving an email like this one:

Another writers’ organization, SFWA, recently announced that its Members-Only Directory info was copied and exposed online.

[Thanks to Anne Marble for the story.]

2 thoughts on “HWA Sends Members Email Scam Alert

  1. Sadly, it seemed better written than some of the legitimate job emails I have received. It was certainly better targeted than some. (Apparently, some companies think I am an engineer?!)

    And of course, the main question is: How did they get those email addresses? What else did they get? Will they provide that info to stalkers?

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