I’m On The Back

Be envious, bloggers! Do you have your own line of designer clothing? Steve Davidson does. The Crotchety Old Fan’s newly-launched collection of “Classic Hugo Award winner” shirts celebrates the winners of science fiction’s most prestigious award from 1946 until 1984 – the cutoff signifying, Steve reminds us, that “Classic” is anything 25 years old or older. The shirts are sold at his online Zazzle store.

Steve gives more details on his blog:

I put together a series of designs, some featuring golden Hugo rockets, some without, and a variety of fannishly related front images – including one that says “I’M ON THE BACK.”  That means that if you’ve won a Hugo Award, you can let people know that you’re on the list, on the back of the t-shirt you’re wearing!

He licensed the rights to use the service-marked Hugo Award and Worldcon names and award imagery from the World Science Fiction Society.

The point of these shirts is to educate fans and support the Worldcon and Hugo Awards… to celebrate the winners and to let everyone know that graying fandom ain’t dead yet! 

And to help Crotchety get to Anticipation, a worthy cause in its own way. I’ll have to get one of these. I never had a Hugo winner shirt before.

Six Time Hugo Loser - Glyer at Chicon IV (1982)

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