In Training for the Worldcon

Kevin Standlee is happily looking forward to this weekend when he takes the California Zephyr to Chicon 7 in the the company of a group of fans including Chris Garcia, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, and España Sheriff.

Standlee says so many of the fans going on the trip are members of the Bay Area Science Fiction Association that they’ll convene a club meeting on board the train Monday evening. BASFA Vice-President Chris Garcia will preside.

Seems to me there could be the makings of an anime in this story —

BASFA goes to the Worldcon.

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7 thoughts on “In Training for the Worldcon

  1. If it’s going to be an anime movie, it would obviously be Densha Otoko (Train Man). They could call it Densha Otaku (Train Fan)…

    I’ve wanted to do a poster of that for years, but my photo-manipulation skills suck.

  2. And I plan on doing a zine for each day of the trip! It’s gonna be a fun one!

  3. I love the poster — I hope a few actually get printed.

    Does the Japanese lettering on it translate to Ms Mitchell’s suggestions, or is it from another poster?

  4. @Chris: Posted to eFanzines daily?

    @David: I presume it’s the poster from the Japanese release of Silver Streak, although casting various actors as members of BASFA could be entertaining. In all honesty I think it’s more likely that a convention-bound group of LASFSians from the Fighting Forties would have spent the trip throwing each other off the train. McGoohan would have made a fine Laney…

  5. I didn’t realize that the people hadn’t been changed — I thought the big guy with the mustache and white shirt was you.

    I never knew F. T. Laney, but if Patrick McGoohan would have been good casting for him, that says a lot about him right there.

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