Inner Space Station

By Nickpheas: A few days back there was a Scroll link to a storage centre in York, England with interesting SF statues. Sadly it was behind a paywall, so I don’t know if people saw the details. Happily, it’s just down the road from me. 

Here are pictures from their storage site — following the jump.

Yes, they have a place which is just storage, with a few statues, and a gas station with a lot more.

8 thoughts on “Inner Space Station

  1. Thanks for taking the time to go take photos and share them, Nick! What a fun place, and awesome sculpture!

  2. Looks like somebody had way too much time on their hands; the detailing on those Transformers is incredible.

    Is the one on the roof between the two Daleks a bad C-3PO (strange given how good the others are) or something completely different that I don’t recognize, and if the latter where is it from?

  3. Although the Daleks are original-series models, while the Cyberman is the new series design.

  4. @David Goldfarb, funny, I was thinking the reverse. The Cyberman looks odd to me, and I’ve mostly watched the new series. On the other hand, the Daleks look fine. So I assumed it was an old Cyberman.

  5. @Lenore Jones: Trust me on this one: the Cybermen had several different designs in the old series, but this photo doesn’t depict any of them. It’s post-hiatus.

  6. David Goldfarb, they still look weird to me. Especially the legs. But it’s not important.

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