Introducing Ambassador Godzilla

Godzilla has a new job.

“Until now Godzilla has been simply destroying, but we hope it will now contribute to the prosperity of Kabukicho and Shinjuku,” said Minami Ichikawa, head of Toho’s movie division, at a ceremony ahead of the opening of part of the complex.

A 40-foot-tall sculpture of the monster’s head has been installed atop a tower of the Hotel Gracery in Tokyo’s Shinjuku shopping and entertainment district. Guests in the other tower who look out the window will discover the kaiju’s giant yellow eye staring menacingly back at them. Or they may waken when the sculpture blasts Godzilla’s iconic call each night, while a sound and light show simulates his radioactive fire breath.

District Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi has named Godzilla as Shinjuku’s official tourism ambassador. Yoshizumi said he hopes Godzilla completely destroys Shinjuku during his next cinematic appearance to bring luck to the district in the real world.

The complex official opens April 17.

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