Ireland Wins Eurocon 2014 Bid

Eurocon 2014 will be held in Dublin, Ireland from August 22-24 — the weekend after the London Worldcon.

The bid for Ireland outpolled the rival Romanian bid 61-16. The vote took place at Kontakt, the 2012 Eurocon in Zagreb, Croatia.

The 2014 con’s name will be Shamrokon. The first two Guests of Honor to be announced are Seanan McGuire and Jim Fitzpatrick. Other names will follow.

Jim Fitzpatrick is an Irish artist and writer known for his illustration of Celtic mythology. He has written and illustrated two books re-telling Irish myths and legends, The Book of Conquests and The Silver Arm. He has produced many illustrations, including an iconic two-tone portrait of Che Guevara created in 1968, based on a photo by Alberto Korda.

Seanan McGuire is a U.S. writer of urban fantasy detective stories who also has written zombie novels under the pseudonym Mira Grant. She won the Campbell Award in 2010.

The Dublin Eurocon will be held at the Burlington Hotel. A series of travelling events for the time between the London Worldcon and the Eurocon is being planned by Dave Lally. 

James Shields reports he has already taken 30 memberships.  

[Thanks to James Bacon for the story.]