Is Enterprise’s Disintegrating Saucer Also A Visual Star Wars Reference?

After Karl-Johan Norén watched the Star Trek Beyond trailer he asked:

Was that the Millennium Falcon at circa 0:26 in the trailer? Sure looked like it.

Such is the power of suggestion, now that he’s said it that’s all I can see!

File 770 readers, what is your verdict?

8 thoughts on “Is Enterprise’s Disintegrating Saucer Also A Visual Star Wars Reference?

  1. Yeah, point for point it ISN’T the Millenium Falcon, but it certainly looks like an sfx shout-out…

  2. I’d have preferred the ST franchise had felt too self-important to dignify the SW franchise with a tip of the hat, but since the whole idea of different franchises is largely a matter of branding, and which stockholder’s meetings the company officers report to, I’d have concede that this might well be the right hand shaking the left hand. I mean, it’s all the same friggin’ people! Same producer, same SFX company, same film score composers, possibly the same script writers!

  3. @Taral Wayne:

    I though Paramount and Disney were rivals?

    Also, I thought Star Trek continues to use CGI while Star Wars is rather aggressively using physical models again. (YAY!) The SFX are not the same.

    And besides, no movie these days uses a *single* SFX company. The effects are farmed out to gazillions of tiny outfits (who one would hope are getting a reasonable cut of the profits and not being starved into bankruptcy, but recent history does not bode well for this).

  4. Peace, I don’t think it’s the case that the new Star Wars has physical models for spaceships in flight. Everything I’ve seen about the production has said they’re using practical effects as much as possible for alien/robot characters and sets, but still using CGI for things that zoom through the heavens.

  5. @Eli:

    Awww. 🙁

    I had hopes when I heard about that full size Millennium Falcon spotted at that British airfield …

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