Is It Nic Cage’s Superman?

Nicholas Cage’s copy of Action Comics #1, the comic that introduced Superman, reportedly is the one being auctioned at

At this writing the top bid is $1,306,000. Bidding will remain open until November 30 at 7:25 PM EST.

Cage’s copy was recovered last April, 11 years after it was stolen from his Las Vegas home.

Of the hundred or so copies of Action Comics #1 in existence only six are as well-preserved as Cage’s copy. That is part of the reason for believing the comic at auction is his – describes it as the highest-graded known copy, which Cage’s was reputed to be.

At the time it was recovered the comic book was legally the property of the insurance company that paid the claim when it was stolen, but Cage had been trying to regain ownership.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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