Jacq’s Progress

Taffline #4 [PDF file], from TAFF administrators John Coxon, Anne and Brian Gray, promotes the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and includes a snippet of trip-in-progress news from the latest delegate, Jacq Monahan:

“I am enjoying the trip immensely and relishing all my new discoveries (Oyster Card! Free museums! Forbidden Planet bookstore! Kew Gardens!) And that’s only London. Much more to come. You’ll know precisely where I am at all times by the sound of the delighted squeal.”

After sojourning in Cambridge, Solihull and Sheffield (where hurricanes hardly happen) Jacq returns London on Thursday, April 5. Look for her at the First Thursday London Circle pub meeting, and this weekend at Olympus 2012 (Eastercon) in the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow.

4 thoughts on “Jacq’s Progress

  1. Actually, there are two Londons… at least. But you probably made the right choice by arriving at the one in England. Had you landed in London, Ontario, there would be a lot of disappointed Brit Fans at Heathrow, waiting for you…

  2. According to Mr Wiki there are Londons in the these US states:
    Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

    Collect the set!

  3. I know the feeling. When my wife, Nila, won our trip to England in a Harry Potter sweepstakes on arrival we went (since the coaches — buses to Americans — were late arriving to meet us at Gatwick Airport, we went straight to the Tower of London. As we approched it, Nila, who is a Tudor and Elizabethan history fan, grabbed my arm and practically yelled at me, “David, there’s the Traitor’s Gate!”

    We grabbed each other as on our trip to Hearstmonceaux Castle (which has an actual moat and drawbridge!) the tour guide said in a golf announcer’s voice, “As you look out to your right, you’ll see an open field, which was the site of the Battle of Hastings.”

  4. P. S.: The very first buildings we saw on the street after leaving the airport were — I kid you not — a McDonald’s and a Texaco petrol station.

    Later on our route north we passed right in front of the building of the British Interplanetary Society, and it just killed me that we couldn’t stop there.

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