James Bacon on Pop Culture

Want to see a good play, read a great comic, go to the best con? James Bacon can help.

He applauded a stage play, The Hallowe’en Sessions, in a post at Forbidden Planet:

Sarah Douglas who played Dr Myra Lark was the gel that linked the stories, bringing everyone back to the communal room, her vicious charm, darkly attractive and enticing, was the character helping at all, being cruel to be kind, she was supremely confident, commanding the stage, controlling and setting a pace, acting perfectly giving brilliantly and beautifully, her sinister side, her darkly powerful charm capturing the whole venue.

He brought Comic Buzz readers up-to-date about the Irish comics scene:

Comics and manga can be a solitary hobby but I have always enjoyed the social side of the media, the interaction in comic shops, going to conventions and signing events and even to talks in Pubs.

He urged readers to pay particular attention to Finn and Fish, Leeann Hamilton’s retelling of Irish mythology:

I really appreciate this interpretation of a classical character though. It’s quite an inspired story and setting, being rather original in approach and found this comic very funny while I was extremely impressed with the calibre of the art and the scripting, overall Hamilton does a stunningly good job.

And he alerts his friends not to miss “Thought Bubble,” the Leeds Comic Arts Festival, November 11-18, “quite possibly now, the best Comic Convention in the UK and Ireland.”