Jamie Lee Curtis’ One and Only

Fans of Jamie Lee Curtis have never encountered her at a horror convention – and after this year’s HorrorHound Weekend never will again.

Curtis is making a one-time-only appearance at the con in Indianapolis (November 16-18) as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The HorrorHound Magazine Forums report:

Ms. Curtis will be appearing at the event on both Saturday (November 17) and Sunday (November 18) for autograph sessions, photo-ops, and an on-stage Q/A panel which is sure to be epic. This is a landmark opportunity for fans, as Jamie has never attended an event like this nor provided horror fans with the opportunity to have their memorabilia signed in such a capacity. And it’s all for charity, via the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. ALL monies earned from Jamie’s autograph sessions, photo-ops, and stage event will go directly to the Children’s Hospital.…

You may ask, “Why Indianapolis?”

HorrorHound Weekend is usually held in Cincinnati but they are expecting such a turnout that they wanted to book a larger hotel and the one in Indianapolis filled the bill.

But that’s not really the answer you were looking for, was it? Maybe a reader will be able to explain why she picked this con.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story. And the question.]