JayWake Registration Opens


JayWake art by Howard Tayler

The JayWake, a pre-mortem celebration of Jay Lake’s life, is scheduled for July 27 in Portland, Oregon. RSVP’s are being taken via e-mail and Facebook, see details here.

This is a time for celebrating Jay’s life, loves, and dark, twisted sense of humor. Bring your stories (hysterical, at Jay’s expense), your tasteless jokes, and any and all expressions gleefully macabre. Come party with the man who has never passed up the chance to poke cancer in the eye and laugh about it.

The event will be at a Holiday Inn. A buffet dinner will be served (and donations taken to defray the expenses of said dinner.) Then the Roast will begin —

Be warned: the jokes and stories contained herein will not only push the boundaries of good taste, they will leapfrog over the boundaries blowing a raspberry. This is not a time to say how Jay touched your life. This is a time to say how Jay touched you inappropriately

T-shirts with a black and white line art version of Howard Tayler’s art above can be ordered by e-mail through the JayWake page.