Jeanne Moreau Passes Away

Jeanne Moreau in Ever After

By Steve Green: Jeanne Moreau (1928-2017): French actress, screenwriter and director, found dead July 31, aged 89. Genre appearances include The Trial (1962), Hu-Man (1975), Until the End of the World (1991), the Cinderella remake Ever After (1998).

2 thoughts on “Jeanne Moreau Passes Away

  1. Actually, I left Ever After: A Cinderella Story out of my list because I can’t recall it having any fantastical elements. Anyone care to correct me?

  2. It’s specifically presented as the real-world version that got embroidered; IIRC, Leonardo da Vinci makes a device that I’m not sure he ever actually made, but that’s comic relief rather than critical. (Claiming to be the ur-version is a bit arrogant considering how many cultures have a similar story, but it makes a nice-but-trivial frame.) Having Riff Raff as a villain is also cute, but there’s nothing fantastical about him either.

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