Joe Haldeman Out of Hospital

After 52 days inside, Joe Haldeman was allowed to leave the hospital on November 10, Gay Haldeman told readers on Joe has moved to the Cincinnati condo Joel Zakem loaned them. He’ll continue his healing and recovery under the care of local pancreatic specialists for weeks to come, possibly returning to Florida by Christmas.

Joe himself added these sobering details to on November 11:

Speaking of woods, I’m not out of them, quite. I get tired walking across a room (but I can do it, without the walker). I have the clumsy ileostomy bag for another six months or so, and some pretty serious surgery in store then, when they reattach my large intestine. (They removed about 18″ of it, including the appendix as a little bonus.) And of course there’s pain. 

[Thanks to Andrew Porter and Janice Gelb for the story.]