Joe Lansdale Defends Walmart

Joe Lansdale mounts a serious defense of Walmarts, though not before admitting he can understand why its customers have inspired a website devoted to their mockery:

It’s easy to make fun of them because, dammit, they’re funny, and I’m ashamed that I think so. Missing teeth and plumber’s cracks are not a cause for celebration. Few of us wake up in the morning wishing we were overweight, underfinanced and unattractive with medical problems. But then, who is out there laughing at me? I’m not George Clooney material, either.

It seems the ones who make the most fun, like the ones who view the Walmart-hilarity Web site regularly, are small-minded, insecure turds who would not understand Mark Twain’s statement about there being “no humor in heaven,” meaning humor is primarily based on the misfortune of others. I can see the humor, too, when I’m in a mean mood. I’m not a saint, or I couldn’t write about Walmart’s clientele with an eye toward humor.

He defends the superstore despite its impact on small-town America because in his opinion the lamented downtowns of East Texas weren’t nearly as romantic as some remember.

One thought on “Joe Lansdale Defends Walmart

  1. I’ve seen that particular website devoted to Walmart customers, and its just snide. And funny, but it gets harder to find funny when you’re looking for awkward people. is far better for a laugh.

    Not a fan of Walmart, the store, since it parked a Warehouse in Smyrna and made the local shopping center a traffic nightmare.

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