John Hertz at Loscon 38

Loscon 38 Fan Guest of Honor John Hertz kept his propeller beanie spinning with a busy programming schedule on Friday afternoon. He helped launch the convention at noon by leading a well-attended discussion of Ray Bradbury’s classic The Martian Chronicles. People chimed in with their favorite points about the work and John amplified them with critical insights of his own. I was quite intrigued with John’s observation that no writer has been able to follow Bradbury. (I know many writers have been touted as the next Heinlein, but “the next Bradbury”…?)

Later he and Loscon’s other guests were be interviewed for the Hour 25 program.

And he rounded off the afternoon by joining Gregory Benford to discuss Benford’s book The Wonderful Future That Never Was, which surely was the signature item of the afternoon for a con with the theme “Where’s My Flying Car.”

One thought on “John Hertz at Loscon 38

  1. I always enjoy John and I’m so pleased he was fan GOH; sadly I never connected with him at this Loscon – which speaks to just how busy he was!

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