John Hertz Warned Us

Ann Leckie’s Hal-Con report (see Pixel Scroll 4/21/16 Pixel Like It’s 1999 no. 17) prompts this reprint from Vanamonde 229 — also in John’s first collection West of the Moon:

I often recount my first adventure at a Japanese bakery, I think in New York. On display were hundreds of little cakes in many shapes and colors.  I bought one, and took a bite.  It was filled with bean paste.  How interesting, I thought, never having tasted it before.  I picked out a different one, and took a bite.  This one was filled with bean paste.  How interesting.  I tried another and another and yet another, each of wholly distinct appearance.  Each and every one proved to be filled with — yes.  Remarkable.  I remember describing this adventure to a girl I knew.  She thought I was putting her on.  Maybe a year later, she happened into a Japanese neighborhood, and found a bakery.  Look, hundreds of little cakes!  She bought one.  Well, well.

2 thoughts on “John Hertz Warned Us

  1. I think at least one of the times he wrote about this, it was in response to my comment about the pastries filled with red bean paste. I had called it “an acquired taste”, and one which “I was not trying very hard to acquire”.

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