John Joseph Adams Lists Notable Stories

BASFF-2015-220x330Among the 2,600 stories that series editor John Joseph Adams screened for Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015, he chose 80 as notable — see the list, now posted on the series’ website.

Editor Joe Hill selected 20 for publication (ten science fiction, ten fantasy). Those picks are designated on the table in green.

7 thoughts on “John Joseph Adams Lists Notable Stories

  1. Cordelia writes some good genre fiction. His Grimnoire trilogy is a lot of fun. It’s his attitude that sucks canal water.

  2. How many chapter 5s will it have? And how come it’s missing one of the finest writers of our time?

  3. There seems to be an awfully lot of John Joseph Adams-edited stories on the list (Lightspeed, etc.), and he is also the series editor who presumably has a large role in bringing stories to Hill’s attention for inclusion. I in no way am casting asperions on these stories, for they may well be among the best of the year, but it seems a conflict of interest. On the other hand, it wouldn’t seem fair to disqualify so many stories. As long as there is a disclaimer in the book noting the connection, then it will be up to the readers to decide.

  4. @Bob Roehm

    To be fair to JJA, he’s very prolific as an editor, and I doubt a reader of a JJA-edited anthology would be surprised that it contained works to JJAs taste.

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