Journey Planet on Course

Chris Garcia, James Bacon and company have proved it can be done – they have raised enough funds on Kickstarter to pay for printing Journey Planet Issue Ten.

Their goal was $300 and 17 backers ponied up $318. Everybody who donated over $10 is getting a copy of the print issue.

Nobody went for the other incentive – the first person to donate $10,000 was promised TWO copies of the issue.

5 thoughts on “Journey Planet on Course

  1. It may sound radical, but I have a brilliand and original idea for funding fanzines. Naturally, everyone wants a copy. And any good scheme should see to it that everyone gets a copy. So, why doesn’t eveyone contribute on a regular basis to underwrite the fanzine, which would then be send to a routine mailing list, ensuring the underwriters their copies? We could give it some fancy name, like… um… how about “subscriptions?” Bet fandom wishes it had thought *that* up back in the 1930s! I also have this smashing idea about printing on paper with potatoes…

  2. A mashed potato fanzine! Why that’s the most radical idea I’ve come across since somebody printed his CULTzine on a slice of baloney.

  3. I have another thought, borrowed from the prozines. When anyone writes a letter of comment or sends a submission, they have to include a reading fee! A dollar, perhaps.

  4. I just noticed that you have the same initials as the guy who originally had that idea.

  5. Ted White? As I recall, he forbade myuse those initials sometime last year, on Trufen.

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