Judge Who Was Kramer’s
Co-Defendant Loses Election

Gwinnett County (GA) Superior Court Judge Kathryn Schrader, still awaiting retrial on charges of computer trespass, lost her bid for re-election in a runoff held August 11.

Ed Kramer earlier this year took a plea bargain on charges of computer trespass and in February testified against Schrader, his former co-defendant. Her trial ended in a hung jury. A new trial had originally been scheduled for April, but the court system has been shut down since March because of the pandemic.

Kramer is a co-founder of Dragon Con, but he has not been a co-owner since 2013.

Schrader polled 41% of the vote, the winner 59%.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]

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6 thoughts on “Judge Who Was Kramer’s
Co-Defendant Loses Election

  1. Some voters were paying attention; the ?5th? district Republican House primary went to a QAnon-believer.

  2. No, that was the 14th District. The 5th is John Lewis’ district and is the most securely Democratic district in the state. The 14th is extremely rural. And I’m glad Schrader was not re-elected. The woman is barking mad and needs serious help, not judge’s robes.

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