Judy Newton Update

Barry Newton copied File 770 on the latest about Judy Newton’s bypass surgery:

First, let me thank you all for the comfort and support we’ve been getting. It means a lot, believe me. Also, please keep on with prayers and good thoughts, they seem to be working.

I got down there in good time to be there when they took a good 25 minutes unhooking support devices and making them portable with her bed, then went along until they shunted me into a waiting room. A large waiting room, which gradually filled with a lot of visiting families. There was a lot of surgery happening today. Judy’s was the first of four that her doctor had scheduled. Some four nervous hours later, the surgeon appeared with the welcome news that everything had gone well, and Judy had five dear God bypasses.

The rest of the day was spent ducking in and out of ICU on short visits. She eventually woke up, was able to respond to the staff–and to me–eventually got the breathing tube out, and actually could talk. If all continues to go well, she’ll be moved out of ICU sometime tomorrow, and even encouraged to spend some time on her feet. This just blows my mind. Home sometime next week, probably Thursday.

And a correction to the earlier post – Judy Newton was WSFA President last year. Barry Newton is the current President and he adds, “Yes, this was all very amicable–other interests forced her to make a choice.”