Jukka Halme Wins GUFF

Jukka Halme

Jukka Halme

It should not come as a surprise that Jukka Halme from Finland, the only announced candidate for GUFF, has been officially confirmed as the winner, although one of the administrators makes it sound as if there was some suspense. Instead of giving a vote total she jokes, “Stats forthcoming after Mihaela has her math lesson.”

Jukka Halme will travel to Brisbane for Contact, the 2016 Australian Natcon, to be held March 25-28.

4 thoughts on “Jukka Halme Wins GUFF

  1. I tried backtracking through the links to see if someone explained what GUFF meant. It may be my own incompetence, but I didn’t find anything.

    A Google search is complicated by the fact that “guff” is a word, and that it’s also apparently a slang term for “fart,” and other stuff.

    Eventually I found this:


    …which reveals that it means Get Up-and-over Fan Fund, by implication and comparison sending SF fans between Europe and Australia.

    It strikes me that they might have more candidates (or contributors) if they explained what it was in a way more easily found.

    I mean, I was a little annoyed that they’d elected this poor guy Guaranteed Ugly Fat Friend! That’s not nice!

  2. Kurt Busiek: There’s a dynamic tension between the choice to include in every post the minimum info to equip a first-time reader, and the recognition that regular readers may already have that info and will feel I’m talking down to them.

    If that info seems to be lacking and the item has its own tag, I may have included the basics in an earlier File 770 post.

  3. Mike —

    I wasn’t viewing it as a failure of File770, but of the people announcing that someone had won a thing without feeling the need to explain what that thing was in their announcement or any of the links their announcement made available.

    But yeah, clicking your tag at the bottom is probably something I should have thought of, too.

  4. GOSHWOWOBOYOBOY! Kurt Busiek knows who I am – except it seems he knows me as “Guaranteed Ugly Fat Friend”…

    As a future GUFF official (and a regular fan, not a slan), I’ll take this comment to heart and remember to open up those pesky acronyms and fannish jargon in the future, so that those who might not be so familiar with the terminology used, would understand what the heck is going on.

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