Kansas City Wins 2016 Worldcon Race

Midamericon II guests of honorThree’s a charm? Kansas City fans won the right to hold the 2016 Worldcon in a vote at LonCon 3 – the city’s third appearance on the site selection ballot in the past 11 years.

The vote was Kansas City 651, Beijing 70, reports Petréa Mitchell.

MidAmeriCon II will be held August 17-21, 2016, and chaired by Ruth Lichtwardt, Jeff Orth, and Diane Lacey. (More members of the concom are listed here.)

Guests of honor will be Kinuko Y Craft, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tamora Pierce, and Michael Swanwick, with Toastmaster Pat Cadigan.

Full information about membership rates and conversion fees are contained in Progress Report Zed along with photos of tasty-looking barbecue.