Kate O’Mara (1939-2014)

Kate O-Mara

Kate O’Mara as The Rani in Doctor Who.

By James H. Burns: It was always the eyes I thought of, and perhaps that smile, of Kate O’Mara, whenever I heard her name, the way she portrayed the title adversary of Doctor Who’s  “Rani” episodes…

Which was intriguing, since no doubt I had already seen her in Hammer’s The Vampire Lovers or The Horror of Frankestein, or perhaps one of her guest roles in Danger Man, The Saint, and The Avengers.

But there was simply something remarkable about O’Mara’s turn on those otherwise generally unremarkable Colin Baker years of Doctor Who

O’Mara starred in the British teleseries The Brothers, Triangle, as well as a season of the American hit, Dynasty.

She also worked on the British stage, and authored books.

But how is it now, I keep seeing that videotaped visage…?