Keene Named 2014 World Horror Grand Master

Brian Keene has been selected to receive the 2014 World Horror Grand Master Award. The announcement was made March 25 on Facebook by this year’s World Horror Convention committee.

Keene is the author of over 40 books. His 2003 novel The Rising is one of the main inspirations for pop culture’s recent obsession with zombies.

He expressed gratitude for the award on his website:

I was a fan of this genre long before I ever began making my living from it, and every one of those previous winners inspired or entertained me at some point in my life. That I am lucky enough to call several of them friend or mentor has always been a blessing and a dream, even after all these years. That I am somehow now considered worthy enough to accept this honor alongside them is, quite simply, astounding.

Keene will receive the award at the convention, being held over the May 8-11 weekend.