Kramer Has Filed Hundreds of Grievances

Since becoming a Gwinnett County inmate following his extradition six months ago, Ed Kramer has filed 370 “inmate requests, pre-grievances and grievances”.

Kramer’s complaints allege medical and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues, and interference with his practice of Orthodox Judaism.

“Edward Kramer is the highest maintenance inmate that I recall having in the 17 years that I’ve been sheriff,” Sheriff Butch Conway said.

Child molestation charges have been pending against Kramer, co-founder of Dragon*Con, since 2000. Trial had been postponed practically indefinitely based on representations about Kramer’s health and inability to participate in his defense. However, he was arrested in Connecticut in circumstances that resulted in his bond being revoked and Kramer being returned to Georgia.

The District Attorney has tried to convince the court of Kramer’s capacity to participate by presenting two witnesses who said they observed Kramer walking unhindered (and with a camera) in 2011. He currently is waiting for the defense to return with the results of a medical exam intended to determine Kramer’s fitness for trial.

[Thanks to Don Cook for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Kramer Has Filed Hundreds of Grievances

  1. Wasn’t this reported months ago? Along with the DA’s submission, backed up by multiple witnesses, that Kramer’s strict orthodox judaism and his neck and breathing problems are distinctly situational and appear to break out only when he’s locked up awaiting trial for serious charges of child molestation.

    I can’t believe after all this time and after all that’s occurred, the court is still buying into his bullshit. Put the man on trial and let the alleged victims have their day in court, already.

  2. My wife works in that State of Delaware’s court systems. She has said, in relation to the Tom Capano murder case, that filing numberous grievances is a way to pass the time, something to do and often allows them to be free of a cell for a period of time. And there is also the degree the individual can manipulate his family and business associates even while jailed. For some, it is a hobby. And most of the time, it is humbug.

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