Kramer Health Complaints Peak as Trial Approaches

Ed Kramer’s trial on child molestation charges is scheduled for the weeks of Dec. 2 and 9 in Gwinnett County Superior Court. Still to be worked out are “reasonable accommodations” for health issues affecting Kramer’s ability to participate in his defense, which might alter the length of daily court sessions. The Gwinnett Daily Post reported on October 23 that Kramer has charged the Sheriff’s office and District Attorney with purposely sabotaging his health.

A motion for reasonable accommodations filed by Kramer’s attorney, McNeill Stokes, made these allegations against the sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices:

According to the motion, District Attorney Danny Porter sent an email, in reply to a memo regarding Kramer, that told sheriff’s office leaders “that they should not make any accommodations for court unless or until ordered to do so by the Court.”

Prior to an April 26 hearing, the motion alleges, Kramer’s glasses were “stolen from his cell in the medical isolation unit” at the jail, an area “only accessible by the jail deputies.”

Kramer, who reportedly has 50 percent hearing loss in each ear, was scheduled to have hearing aids fitted prior to that same April date in court. That appointment “was cancelled by the Jail Administration,” last week’s filing said.

During the aforementioned hearing, Kramer’s attorneys allege not only that his “oxygen absorption level” dropped to a potentially deadly 72 percent and that he was sent into court without properly charges batteries for his breathing apparatus, but that a deputy “put the oxygen (sensor) on her own finger” to produce a reading of 98 percent oxygen absorption.

“Defendant had been receiving spinal epidural injections for pain abatement every six months,” the motion said. “He is months overdue and no appointment has been scheduled with any pain specialist.”

The motion asks that instead of four-hour sessions, the trial consist of two-hour sessions with substantial breaks. At the time of the article, the judge had not yet ruled on the motion.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]

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  1. I fully expect him to accidentally kill himself by exacerbating his medical condition in order to postpone his trial.

  2. If he floats, he’s guilty; if he sinks to the bottom of the witness pool, he’s innocent.

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