Lammas Night TV Project

William “Scratch” Bacharach is looking for fans who want to get involved with his project to bring a Katherine Kurtz novel to TV. He writes —

In 1983, Ballantine books published Katherine Kurtz’s Lammas Night, an historic fantasy set during World War II, in which Hitler plans to use witchcraft to destroy Britain. A colonel in British Intelligence conceives a plan to stop him by uniting British witches covens and a Royal to perform a sacrifice on Lammas Night.

I was impressed with the book when I first read it, and I thought it could make a great TV production. Thirty years later, I am working to make that happen. My lawyer Cathy Olanish Raymond and I sat down with Katherine and her husband Scott McMillanand I acquired the option to produce Lammas Night for television.

This was the first step in a lengthy process. Since the book is set in Britain, I anticipate filming to be done in Britain, with a British cast. I’ll be attending Eastercon to make contacts and spread the word. I will then contract to get a treatment written and Scott has recommended a screenwriter in Britain for me to speak to.

To the extent possible, I would like to keep this as a fannish project. I have been a fan for 4 decades and first met Katherine Kurtz at Heicon in 1970. This is a labor of honor and respect on my part and I want the involvement of others in the fannish community who feel the same.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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2 thoughts on “Lammas Night TV Project

  1. I hope it happens. I enjoyed reading that novel, and I think it would make a good basis for a TV script.

  2. Gee, “Lamma’s Night” sounds like the exact same plot as Dale Estey’s “A Lost Tale.” Black Magic. Hitler. Invasion of England. Uniting Britain’s witches and druids to repell it and all that. I guess it’d take somebody who’s read both books to list the differences. I’ve only read the Estey, published in 1980.

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