Langford Story To Screen

Nikolai Hamel and his crew are looking to raise £6,000 through a Kickstarter appeal to fund production of a film based on Dave Langford’s 1988 short story “Blit”.

The movie will show what happens when “A terrorist cell gets their hands on the hydrogen bomb of psychological weapons, and wrestles with the power they now command.”

The title of the screen version will be Basilisk, because in “Blit” (which stands for Berryman Logical Image Technique), images called “basilisks” have been discovered that contain patterns able to exploit flaws in the structure of the human mind to lethal effect.

And, people being what they are, I expect the characters in the movie will find it difficult to resist looking. About as difficult as it will be for you to resist the impulse to read Langford’s original story once you learn it’s available free online here.

[Via Ansible Links.]