Langford’s New Ebook

radiationThe Leaky Establishment by Dave Langford is the first ebook from that distinguished firm, Ansible Editions.

In honor of the occasion I have posted the glowing review of the humorous novel I wrote for Marty Cantor’s No Award.

Coming next from Ansible Editions is an ebook collection of Algis Budrys’ F&SF review columns.

8 thoughts on “Langford’s New Ebook

  1. Mike: The three volumes of Algis Budrys’s criticism have ALREADY been published by Ansible Editions/Lulu. I bought them. You should too. Martin

  2. It is a very funny Novel! Any one who does not already have this book in paper, should get it.

  3. Delightful book. One way Langford was ahead of his time: If the NSA catches one of its employees reading a publicly available book that reveals things it doesn’t want revealed, it will seize the book, stamp it CONFIDENTIAL, and then shred it.

  4. Thank you, Mike! I am awed and gratified that you spontaneously promoted me before I could get around to dropping subtle hints, or even unsubtle ones. The review is fondly remembered, and I must add a link to it from the Leaky page on my site.

    After the huge posthumous John Sladek collection back in 2002, collecting the Budrys F&SF columns is my proudest publishing achievement. Not mine alone: Greg Pickersgill nagged those books into being, did all the scanning, and proofread the whole lot after I’d done a little dilettante typesetting and indexing. Seeing the matched set on the shelf not only gives me a smug feeling but makes me wonder about reissuing the original =Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf= in matching format. No, no, this is madness!

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