Larry Smith Update

Larry Smith continues to improve, and they have enough volunteer help to assist Sally Kobee with the van, Marcia Kelly Illingworth has reported on Facebook:

Larry Smith update – Larry continues to improve. He is still on target for release this weekend. Joni has made it home safely. Sally is here at our house. They would all like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, good wishes, and prayers, not to mention the offers of assistance.

We will be going down in the morning to off-load the van. Thanks so much to those who have volunteered assistance with that. We have probably notified enough volunteers at this point to accomplish that task in a timely manner.

The real savior in the survival story is the fact that they had put the four foot grid from their display upright behind the seats, making a security cage that just happened to keep the roof from collapsing. Interior shots to follow after we unload.

Thanks again! You guys rock!

6 thoughts on “Larry Smith Update

  1. There’s always been a specific way to pack those vans so that everything fits. Who’d’a’thunk it would turn out to be a useful safety design as well?

  2. With all of our good wishes for you Larry & Sally…please get well soon… Jean & Jack Gonzalez.

  3. So glad to hear Larry continues to improve & Joni’s home OK. Prayers for continued and complete recovery. Hurray for those close enough to help offload the van.

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