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A ten day silence on Jay Lake’s blog was broken today. Lake, who is fighting cancer, had surgery in January as part of an NIH trial and doctors have been monitoring the results —

We heard back from the docs at NIH, and the news isn’t good. The treatment is not working, so they’ve released Jay back to the care of his doctors at OHSU.

We are working with his palliative care doc and a team of hospice workers to make Jay as comfortable as possible for as long as he has. We’re still hoping to build up his strength as much as possible, but that’s the most we are trying to accomplish other than comfort.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever met/seen Jay, or encountered him other than OnLine, but in that respect I consider him a Highly-Admirable Person, and I hope he doesn’t mind the fact that his condition confirms my Belief that there is no such thing as a benificent deity. Now… he has engaged in a magnificent battle; I thank him for the example he’s set, and I can only hope that he’ll die as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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