Len Wein Hospitalized

Lein Wein on February 6. Photograph by M.C. Valada.

Lein Wein on February 6. Photograph by M.C. Valada.

Wolverine and Swamp Thing creator Len Wein, recently hospitalized with chest pains, will undergo triple bypass heart surgery on February 10.

Writer Gillian Horvath has been passing the word, calling on people to offer “your prayers, your white light, your Yops of any kind. Len can use it all.

“Like when Martha Jones saved the world by getting everyone on Earth to think of The Doctor all at once.”

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7 thoughts on “Len Wein Hospitalized

  1. I hope it goes well and Len recovers quickly. Swamp Thing better not be his surgeon.

  2. len is one of the best people I know. He must come through this okay. He has been plagued by many health problems; this is another. He’s managed to never let the rest get him down–he won’t be felled by this one.

  3. I can only hope that Len’s bypass surgery turns out superbly, and be thankful that he (presumably) has insurance that covers the cost of it.

    (My own vague chest pains were settled reasonably well by angioplasty & stent-insertion (twice, over the years) but he’s young enough that the more invasive bypass might well be the best treatment.)

  4. Good luck, Len! I first got to know Mr. Wein when he, at short notice, appeared at one of the very first comic-cons I ever helped produce back in Pittsburgh in 1975. The next year, he brought his friend Marv Wolfman with him, and they were great. I doubt highly if he remembers who I am, but I’ve always remembered him and followed his career in comics. I have every faith that he’ll be up and about before we know it!

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