Live Coverage of 2018 Hugo Ceremony – Stay Tuned

The 2018 Hugo Award base, designed by Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca.

The 2018 Hugo Award base, designed by Sara Felix and Vincent Villafranca.

At the Hugo Awards Web Site, Kevin Standlee has compiled the available information about 2018 Hugo Ceremony coverage:

WHEN: The 2018 Hugo Awards Ceremony begins Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. North American Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7). Master of Ceremonies will be Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio.

WHERE: McEnery Convention Center Grand Ballroom in San Jose, California. The Ceremony will also be simultaneously shown in Callahan’s Place in the Exhibit Hall in a more relaxed environment where attendees can eat, drink, and socialize during the event.

VIDEO: Worldcon 76 San Jose plans to offer live video streaming of the Hugo Awards ceremony via their YouTube channel.

TEXT: The Hugo Awards web site will offer text-based coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony via CoverItLive. The hosts will be Kevin Standlee, Susan de Guardiola, and Cheryl Morgan. You can sign up at the CoverItLive event site for an e-mail notification before the event starts.

106 thoughts on “Live Coverage of 2018 Hugo Ceremony – Stay Tuned

  1. What was really striking about The Good Place was the reversal of rank between the episodes from nominations to voting.

    At a guess: fans of the show would like Michael’s Gambit, as the climax of the first series, but it’s really standing proxy for the series, and doesn’t make much sense on its own, so non-fans weren’t going to appreciate it. Whereas The Trolley Problem is nicely self-contained (except for the bits that aren’t). I still couldn’t see quite what was so exciting about it, though. I had been led to believe that it contained some kind of twist on the Trolley Problem, but it didn’t really. So I remain puzzled.

  2. @Andrew M
    I think you’re right about the ordering of The Good Place episodes. As a fan of the show, I thought Michael’s Gambit was amazing, but I can see how it wouldn’t do much for people who hadn’t watched the whole season.

    Speaking of Short Form finalists, I want to thank the people who nominated Star Trek: Discovery. I hadn’t been planning to watch it, mostly because I hated the CBS All Access model, but also because I was under the impression that it was some kind of grimdark take on the Federation. When it appeared on the ballot, I decided to give it a try, and by the third or fourth episode, I was completely sold. I still don’t like the All Access model, though!

  3. @Linda S

    I feel the same about Star Trek: Discovery. I wouldn’t have watched it if it hadn’t been nominated. As it was, I binged watched the season during my free 7-day trial of CBS All Access. Immediately cancelled afterward without watching anything else. I’ll wait until the season’s done next year and buy just a month (if I can’t “try” it again). I already have cable, Hulu, and Netflix — and I’m not even that big of a TV watcher. 😛

  4. Joel Zakem on August 20, 2018 at 6:20 pm said:

    While I have no inside information (maybe they were asked and turned it down) but this is the first Hugo ceremony I remember where neither of the Convention’s Author Guests of Honor (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Spider Robinson) presented an award.

    And there have been past Worldcons where all of the Awards were presented by the Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies, which was explicitly that person’s responsibility.


    Regarding the moderation of the text-based coverage: The CoverItLive coverage presented by (and sponsored in part by UFO/NASFiC 2019/Westercon 72) has always been moderated. It’s the stuff over on YouTube (which is run by the individual Worldcons) that is unmoderated and has had difficulties in the past.

    The copyright takedown happened after the ceremony not during it, thank goodness, and because the next day was a non-holiday weekday in the UK and what with the time difference, Cheryl Morgan (on behalf of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee), working from the UK because she’s not allowed to enter the USA, was able to get the issues sorted with the BBC and the video unblocked. However, the same block prevents us from putting a copy of the ceremony up at the Worldcon Events channel. (This is just one of many things in my queue of post-Worldcon stuff to deal with.)

  5. Yeah, I thought it was a good thing the YouTube coverage had chat/comments turned off this year. There are better, less troll-filled places to chat.

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