Local Residents Fight To Save Ackermansion II

Residents of the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, where Forry Ackerman lived from 2002 until his death in 2008, are trying to derail plans to demolish his final home by having it declared a cultural landmark.

After selling the original Ackermansion in 2002, Ackerman moved himself and what remained of his legendary collection to 4513 Russell Ave. in Los Angeles. This home was dubbed the “Acker-Mini-Mansion.”

A petition at Change.org calling on the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission to “Declare Forrest Ackerman’s house a historic monument!” has gathered 1,575 signatures.

Locals told the KPCC public radio website that developers want to tear down the Acker Mini-Mansion and replace it with a parking lot.

The station reports —

On January 13, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s Planning, Zoning & Historic Preservation committee will meet and make a recommendation that the full Los Feliz Neighborhood Council may take up at its January 19 meeting.

The neighborhood council will, in turn, pass along a recommendation to the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission, which meets on February 4. If the CHC supports the application, it will move on to City Council, which then has 90 days to act.

The city’s Central Area Planning Commission will also meet on February 23 to discuss the Russell Ave. property.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

6 thoughts on “Local Residents Fight To Save Ackermansion II

  1. All due props to the late great Forry Ackerman, but him living in the house for six years does not seem like sufficient grounds for it be a cultural landmark.

    Looking at that address on Google Maps, I don’t see how a parking lot would be inappropriate. It’s next door to a Liquor Mart on a busy commercial intersection.

  2. rcade: There definitely could be a strong element of NIMBY involved here. (Not In My Back Yard).

  3. This dispute makes me wonder if there was any effort to make Heinlein’s house in the LA area a landmark. I looked it up once on Google Maps and it was a nice looking place.

  4. Seems to me that it’s the neighbors snatching at straws for ways to keep the house from being torn down.

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