Logan’s Walk

Logans Run styleLogan’s Run will be brought to life as a live-action street game in the alleys of San Francisco this Saturday evening, February 8.

When your lifeclock turns black, will you accede to the mandatory euthanization ritual of Carrousel, or will you run? Search the corners and nooks of the City for the secret of Sanctuary. Discover strange sights and hidden peoples, some trustworthy – some not – all while evading ruthless squads of Sandmen searching for Runners at every turn.

The Multiverse Council is staging a game in the style of Journey To The End of The Night. There will be 1-2 miles of walking involved, with brief periods of running and chasing, but they promise that players of all levels of athletic ability will enjoy themselves.

It’s a pay-to-play event, $20 for the basic Runner, and $50 for a Sandman. They say “Some special experiences will only be available to Sandmen & Sandwomen.” With or without “special experiences” the price structure makes sense to me because fans who want to work security should be forced to pay more. A lot more!

On the other hand, if you prefer to cosplay in colorful attire, a Runner is what you want to be. The organizers recommendations for clothing are —

Recommended: something fetching, shiny, and solid-colored in orange, watermelon red, red, mint, green, or emerald. Bonus points for curled or feathered hair and silver or gold accents.

Sandmen: wear black and gray.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

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One thought on “Logan’s Walk

  1. What do they mean, “Mandatory euthanization”? Carrousel is a competition to renew your lifeclock! Just because I personally have never seen anyone renew doesn’t mean it never happens. I’ve never seen a cat either, but I assume they exist. Otherwise why would we even have the word cat? Sounds like this was written by one of those conspiracy nut Truthers who run around saying Carrousel is a lie.

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