Loncon 3 in the News

London’s Channel 4 News has posted two video reports from the Worldcon. There’s a 3-1/2 minute tour of the con emphasizing cosplay, queues and collectibles, and a 5-minute interview with George R.R. Martin (“Everyone wants the books finished – no-one as much as me.”)

Fans of everything from vintage X Men and epic fantasy, to Japanese Manga and space travel, have come from all over the world for a chance to dress up and geek out at a range of talks, games, workshops and socials. Tributes to the late sci-fi writer Iain Banks are planned, along with a keynote address from Audrey Niffenegger, author of the hit novel The Time Traveler’s Wife.

The Guardian’s article World Science Fiction Convention 2014 beams into London is more catholic in its tastes, with coverage of filk, academe, the morning “stroll with the stars,” increased representation of minority groups, the egalitarianism of fans and pros (Paul Cornell recalls seeing George R.R. Martin in lines) and motivations for attending:

[Connie] Willis, the most awarded contemporary science fiction writer, said as she wandered the convention halls, accosted by fans: “The sum total of all human knowledge is at every science fiction convention. They come from all walks of life they have a thirst for knowledge and a sense of excitement about the world and that everything is worth knowing and everything it’s interesting. So my goodness, why wouldn’t I want to be with these people?”

Loncon 3’s own newzine reported yesterday that the convention so far has 10,535 total registrations and 6,222 members present.

[Via Twitter. I have given the Channel 4 website an assist here by correcting their bizarre spelling of Audrey’s surname with G’s where the F’s belong.]